Consumer loans when you are a student.

Despite the fact that most students receive support from the Loan Fund, it is known that student life is characterized by low income and many expenses. Even if you have an extra job next to your studies, it can be months where it is difficult to make ends meet. There may be situations where you suddenly get a higher electricity bill than expected, that it is approaching the exam and it is time to buy the expensive curriculum book you will never borrow from the library, you have forgotten your mother’s birthday, that you simply want out with your friends but the scholarship doesn’t come until next week, or the student nightmare; The pc has stopped working. In all of these cases, having some extra cash in your account can be a great save. Today’s student does not come very far without a PC, and here is not the time to wait to buy new.


Many good solutions

consumer loans

Fortunately, there are many good solutions, even for you as a student! Loans will always be individual, but in general, the younger you are, the greater the risk of lending money to you. Still, there are many good opportunities to buy that PC anyway, and a smaller consumer loan can help you out of many student difficulties. Consumer loans are fast, have simple application processes, and don’t have to be that expensive. If you take out a quick loan, such as SMS loan or day loan, you will get the money within a few business days, and you can write on the task without losing important time. The search process is quick and easy, and with MONEYWALKER’s search engine you can find the best loan in just a few minutes.

It’s important to remember that it costs money to borrow money, and within a student budget this is extra important to be aware of before you take out a loan. Consumer loans do not have to be expensive, even for a student, as long as you use them wisely. For example, if you borrow USD 5000 to replace the PC, with an interest rate of 9.9% and a repayment period of 12 months, you get the opportunity to distribute the expense in monthly amounts, and do not know the plug so deeply in the student wallet. Your monthly installments will be $ 439.46 and the total interest fee is just $ 273.56, in other words, completely affordable for a student budget.


When living on a small budget

student loan

It can be tempting to lend a little extra money to all the fun things one would have liked to have done, here it is important with some self control and willpower, and remember that everything you borrow should be repaid. You can be warned about taking out a loan when you are young, but with the right approach it does not have to be more difficult for a student than anyone else to apply for a loan. Three good tips for those who are borrowing money are; Don’t borrow more than you need, look for the lowest interest rate, and pay off the loan as fast as you can. If you borrow a few thousand dollars with these tips in mind, you will have no trouble repaying what you have borrowed, but you can still afford the unforeseen expenses that may arise.

Loan for business founders – how to get it

Company founders face major challenges that demand a lot. Many questions need to be answered in advance and important decisions made before a company can start successfully.

This applies in particular to financing, because company founders can rarely finance everything from their own resources. However, start-ups are associated with risks, and risks make banks very skeptical about lending.

The question arises in advance as to which conditions the bank associates with a loan and, if these cannot be met, where alternatives for a loan for company founders can be found.

Careful planning is half the way to getting a loan

Careful planning is half the way to getting a loan

Before banks grant a loan to company founders, they want to ensure that in the future, as likely as possible, an income will also be generated with which the loan can be repaid.

A key criterion here is the applicant’s qualifications and professional competence. It is therefore checked whether he has the relevant qualifications or professional experience that enables him to run a company. Vocational training can be just as helpful as an academic degree.

The bank should also be able to easily recognize that the applicant has given sufficient thought to his project. Specifically, this manifests itself in the existence of a business plan, which should also contain a corresponding financial plan. The latter gives information about which funds are needed where and when in the company.

Based on the information provided in the business plan, certain key figures can then be calculated, which also allow conclusions to be drawn about how the loan service can be planned. Sales figures and cash flow play an important role, for example, but can only be estimated at first.

It will only be possible to provide specific figures after the loan has been granted, which is why it is not uncommon for the bank to reject a loan for business founders.

Cheap promotional loans for company founders

Cheap promotional loans for company founders

As an alternative to the house bank, a loan for company founders can also be taken out from a lending company, which should even be given higher priority given the conditions. Because lender not only offers comparatively low interest rates, but also attractive conditions such as repayment-free start-up times, which can make the start-up phase much easier for the young company.

The lender entry fee, with which investments in fixed and current assets can be financed with up to 100,000 dollars, is ideally suited for this purpose. With a five-year term, the effective interest rate here is only 3.71%.

In addition, there is an 80 percent exemption from the house bank’s liability, which considerably simplifies access to the loan and does not require collateral and own funds. The application for this loan for company founders can be made directly at your own bank.